SPS Automation Middle East - Product Groups
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Product Groups

SPS Automation ME provides a complete look at smart and digital automation. Find what you're looking for right here at the exhibition, segregated into 14 product groups.

Drive Systems and Components

Drive Systems and Components
  • Standard Motors
  • Dedicated Motors
  • Small Motors
  • Drives, Systems, Motion Control
  • Drive Components      

Mechanical Infrastructure

Mechanical Infrastructure
  • Control Cabinets and Control Cabinet Systems
  • Industrial Housing Systems
  • Cables and Fiber Optic Systems
  • Rotary Joints

Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology
  • Binary Sensors 
  • Rotary Transducers 
  • Identification Sensors and Systems
  • Industrial Image Processing 
  • Measuring Sensors and Systems 
  • Safety Sensors and Systems 
  • Measuring Transducers
  • Measuring Instruments for Electric Signals

Control Technology

Control Technology
  • Compact Control Systems (PLCs)     
  • Modular Controls  
  • Logic Modules    
  • Computerized Numerical Controls
  • IPC - Based Control Systems   
  • Safety PLCs


  • Box – PCs
  • Hat-Rack-PCs
  • Panel – PCs
  • Rack – PCs   

Software & IT in Manufacturing / Production

Software & IT in Manufacturing / Production
  • Planning and Engineering Software 
  • Production/Manufacturing Software
  • Maintenance Software
  • Cross Sectional Technology
  • PLM Software
  • Power Control

Interface Technology and Power Supplies

Interface Technology and Power Supplies
  • Signal Converters
  • Power Supplies
  • Monitoring and Protection Equipment
  • Safety Devices and Systems 
  • Interface Modules 
  • Interface Technology

Low Voltage-Switching Devices

Low Voltage-Switching Devices
  • Contactors                                                     
  • Motor Protection Devices
  • Circuit Breakers                              

Human-Machine Interface Devices

Human-Machine Interface Devices
  • IPCs                                        
  • Operator Panels
  • Mobile Operator Panels 
  • Display, Monitors and Screens     
  • Keyboards 
  • Control Panels      
  • HMI Systems
  • HMIs For Hazardous Areas
  • Control and Signal Devices

Industrial Communication

Industrial Communication
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Field Bus Systems
  • Safety Field Bus Systems 
  • Wireless Communication 
  • Telecontrol Technology 
  • Industrial Security 
  • Sensors/Actuator Communication 
  • Industrial Communication for Hazardous Areas

Building Automation

Building Automation
  • Automation Systems   
  • Buses and Protocols
  • Sensor Technology   
  • Control Technology 
  • Building Automation System (BAS)        

Future Factory

Future Factory
  • IoT Software & Solutions 
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions 
  • Smart Manufacturing Solutions   
  • Cloud and SAAS Solutions for Smart Manufacturing
  • Network providers and Carriers  
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality 
  • Butler System Smart Logistics 
  • Big Data & Data Centres           
  • Robotics and Accessories     

System Integrators

System Integrators Solutions
  •  System Integrators Solutions

Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting
  • Research Institute / University
  • Start Up                
  • Consultancy Company

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